The game is what YOU make it.

With the announcement about the major changes to White dwarf recently there has been a lot of noise on the ‘net about why folk won’t play, or why they gave up playing when x version came out etc.

Now, one of the themes that has pushed some of my buttons has been “Why don’t they do xyz with 40k/fantasy/boxed game”.

These and my general observations, suggest to me that there is a lot of the noise out there seem to miss an entire point of gaming, whether it be historical, fantasy, post apocalypse or some sort of niche “hunting war bunnies with rocket launchers” setting.

Once you have brought the game rules then you can do what you want with them. You can house rule them to your heart’s content to play how you want. You can play the scale of games you want, whether it’s small skirmish level scenarios, or monstrous weekend killer grinding attrition nightmares, or even xxx points This list is for xyz tournament and I need to practice with it snore fest[1].

So, the question isn’t “Why doesn’t publisher X do xyz with product Y?” but “Why haven’t you done it with product Y if that’s how you want to play?” Continue reading

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And 2014 rolls in..

It’s New Years eve, so what does that mean?

For me, bit of booze and planning for next year.

[edit] Only the booze didn’t happen… I love being really ill :(

Continue reading

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2013 in retrospect.

So, it’s Xmas eve and I’m looking backwards to see what I’ve done in 2013 hobby wise.

You know, it’s kinda hard to say what I’ve done. I can see plenty of models that have been built & painted, and a lot of terrain[1], more homebrew rules have been tried out and I’ve also recently started working on some new units for the Wood Elves (rather than just bemoan the army book needing an update). I will be posting them online as & when I’m happy with them as well as the rule tweaks and some background information for the city of Kleindorf for WFRP[2]. I’m also looking at using the PC’s exploits to form the core plot of some short stories over on 1monkey1keyboard.
That said, I would need to tweak them a litte to avoid them looking too much like a farce or panto[6].

anyway, I’m going back to shaking the pressies to see if I can’t figure out whats what. It’s a shame that one plastic kit rattles very much like another, and I’ve no hope with DVD’s and books (though I did have 3 books on my list, got one of them for birthday, so I’ve got odds on what the other 2 are)

See you in the new year.

  1. Terrain has been my main focus this year and as always I’ve had far more ideas than I’ve had time or funds to work on.
  2. A lot of this would have been posted recently, had there not been the INCIDENT with my PC[3]
  3. By incident I mean me telling Linux to repartition the whole disk, rather than just the none backup section of the hard drive[4].
  4. Yes, I know. Shutup. I’m getting an external Hard drive soon as my backup CD’s had also stuffed themselves.[5]
  5. Ah well, clean slate & all that.
  6. Yes, the players have been that bad. No I don’t know why. Yes, they do seem to be improving.
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Oldhammer Modern

I’m still missing he point in some ways.

In others I’m hitting it for a home run.

“What? Talk sense man”… I hear you wonder

My last post, regarding Oldhammer and the 3rd edition Fantasy Rules and Rogue trader rules.

rogue_trader_cover-2-small.jpg warhammer_fantasy_battle_3rd Continue reading

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Competitive versus none competitive play

Having spent a fair while surfing around various gaming blogs, I find the majority (Especially in the US) have a definate competitive bent, so I figured I’d return to the blog with an opinion piece:

Competitive vs non-competitive play

I’ll admit that nowadays and in hindsight since day one, I’ve been a non-competitive gamer. 
I’ve tried competitive play, and usually ranked towards the bottom at the few tournaments I’ve been to, which to be fair at those positionings I’ve met opponants thatare usually more interested in having a laugh than winning.
It’s also one of the reasons I tend to stay away from internet forums – they seem to be nothing more than discussion grounds as to which cookie-cutter list/army is the strongest. So, I avoid them.
 I’m not interested, and trawling through the amount ofx is better than y or z sux, y roxs! Posts, or the sheer number of GW-hate   (That could be the subject for entirely seperate opinion piece however :)) that seems to come out on them, I just don’t feel it’s worth it.
It’s a game people. We’re pushing around little plastic army-men.
Yeah.. I said it.
See how ludicrous it sounds when you break it down to a simple blurb?
So why get so up tight about having to win?
Yeah, it’s nice to win… But winning too often can get stale.

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Going away for a while

It’s been kinda coming on for a while….

I’m putting Warped Reality on Hiatus for an indefinate period. It’s not that I’ve run out of stuff to do hobby-wise, but I’ve lost the drive & enthusiasm to keep trying to blog about it, rather than just do it…

So, for now, it’s so long…..


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Tubes, Tentacles & Fur…..

Hmm, perhaps I could have picked a better title, it reads like it’s some sort of hentai/furry slash-fic…… (No.. Don’t google that…… really….)


Anyhow, a few weeks ago I ordered both a tube tool, and fur texture plates from Masquerade Miniatures, and finally got around to given them a try last night.
I’ve got to say, I’m impressed.
the tubes/tentacles are semi-flexible – but that’s partly a property of the pro-create I used to make them, but it could come in handy for flexing them into place on models. I imagine, if I used either a harder mix, or something like milliput superfine they would be rock hard – and definitely need putting in place before they dry.
I’ve also seen, while getting the links for this, the new design of fur sculpting tool stuck me as something that I may order when I really start on with my beastmen. Mind you, the texture plates may be enough for the minotaurs (I’d prefer mine to be a little hairier) :)
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Black Library weekender – The aftermath

Phew… Weekend’s over. And it was rather jolly fun all around… Continue reading

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Black Library weekender

Guess who’s got tickets :)
Planning to make copious notes and a load of piccies, I’ve been looking forward to this since the tickets came out. Should be a good weekend, certainly going to be packed given the announcement has been made that BL has sold out of tickets now.
Had a look at the planned schedule, so I could figure what I wanted to go and see, and theres one thing thats had me pondering:
Now, I’ve been trying to think what it might be, given Forge World have already let out the news about the Heresy books they are doing.
Lego 40K video game (Speaking as someone with all the Lego Starwars, Pirates etc games;That would be AWESOME!)
or something else??
I’ll let you know when I know :)
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