Warhammer Armies Redux Part two

10 Feb

Right, following on from the 1st post – Warhammer Armies Redux

This time: adding abilities to your little baby statline.

Once we’d worked out a basic statpoint system, it’s just a matter of going through the different abilities available & assigning a cost to each.

So far we’ve got:

  • Cause Fear: 5 points
  • Cause Terror *: 15 points
  • Regenerate: 20 points
  • Ethereal: 15 points
  • Attacks count as magical: 5 points
  • Poisoned attacks: 5 points
  • Attacks reduce armour: 5 points per point of reduction (ie -1 to save =  5 points -2 = 10 points)
  • Natural Armour: 5 points per ‘pip’ of save
  • Vulnerability: ** -5 points per vulnerability
  • Move Through Terrain: *** 5 points per terrain type
  • Subject to Stupidity: -5 points
  • Subject to Animosity: -5 points
  • Subject to Frenzy: 10 points
  • Subject to Hatred: -5 points
  • Subject to Instability: -15 points
  • Target Size: Large: -5 points, Giant: 10 points ****
  • Daemonic traits: Lesser: 50 points  Greater: 250 points
  • Fanatic: 10 points
  • Wizard Level: 1: 30 points 2: 75 points 3: 135 points 4: 210 points
  • Flight: *****

* Terror doesn’t strictly speaking exist in 3rd ed. We count it as Fear 12″+1

** Ie:Treemen are Vulnerable to Fire

*** Ie: Dryads can Move Through Woodland

**** Giant costs extra points due to the additional rules/attacks for giants

***** Flight – the cost for flight is added after everything else is summed up, including the statline, this is the Basic Cost.

  • If Basic cost =< 50 then then flight costs 5 points + sum of flight stats.
  • If Basic cost > 50 then flight costs 10% of basic cost + sum of flight stats

Right… It made my head hurt just typing that, so possibly an example might be good 🙂

So.. Your common or Garden Variant Dragon (Draco Bigteethandclawsius)

has a basic cost of  343 points. As this cost more than 50 points, flight costs 10% of basic cost(rounded up) + sum of flight stats as so:

Flight Stats:

  • Min flight Speed:   6″
  • Max Flight Speed:   32″
  • Acc/Dec Inches/turn:   6″

So this costs 10% of 343(rounded up) + 6 + 32 + 6 = 79 points.

Which means the flying version of the Dragon costs 422 points.

Right, I think that just about sums it up. I know theres stuff thats not covered, or not explain too well, but that’ll be coming in the relevant army lists.

If it’s any help (and cuts down the amount of thinking), I’ve got a Open Office Spreadsheet that does most of the work.


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One response to “Warhammer Armies Redux Part two

  1. David G

    July 21, 2010 at 2:15 pm

    Can’t seem to download the files you link to – are they still up? I’m looking to move back to a more balanced version of WHFB – I returned to WHFB after being away since 2nd Edition – returned to 6th edition which wasn’t too bad but then came 7ed and now 8th ed. I stopped at 6th ed. Now want to go back further to see if there was ever a points calculator for WHFB as the current stats just seemed to be pulled out of somebody’s arse at GW development.


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