Painting: Points Mean Prizes.

13 Feb

I was reflecting on the throne a little while ago about my painting in the last year.

Which, to be honest – apart from a couple of trial paint schemes was non-existant…

So, after a peruse of other people ideas, In an effort to motivate myself I’m going to use a points system for each mini I paint. And, as an added incentive – each point in paint, means putting aside a quid, so at the end of the year I should have enough to get something yummy from forgeworld or similar.

So, points system is:

20/25mm base models (Infantry) = 1 point
40/50mm base models or Cavalry, bikes, etc. = 2 points
Monstrous Creature or Dreadnought = 5 points
Vehicles/Chariots = 10 points
Superheavy Vehicles = 20 points
I’ll be keeping tabs on my running total in the right hand taskbar
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