Tyranid mycentic spores… in Sainsburys??

14 Mar

Nothing much this week I’m afraid, I’ve had my arm strapped up after spraining my shoulder monday night.

I’ve had a little luck this week however…

During the weekly shop & peruse of the toy aisle thereof we found that our local Sainsbury’s had these on sale cheap:

Which, aside from a rather kewl *ahem* wind-up toy, and the WIERDEST gooshy-slime-gunge I’ve ever seen….

They would make fairly decent Tyranid drop-pods, to go along with all the tunnelling nasties. Yum yum…

I’ll post more pictures when I can get round to starting work on them.

In other new, I’ve made a slight adjustment to the 3rd ed Lizardman book, available below:

Basically, we felt that the low Cool stat on the Saurus didn’t really represent just how slow-witted  and

slow to react they were. At the moment the current theory is the high Cool, coupled with the Low Initiative should represent them being slow to react, but also slow to realise there loosing the fight or similar. We’ll see.

I’ve also got the Rogue Trader Chaos legion list in a  position to start playtesting soon, the only thing I need to add are daemonic beasts, and Chaos spawn. I’ve also put together the fancy version of the armoury I’m going to be putting in the list – Click on the image below for a look-see.

Not bad for a week with only 1 arm eh?



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