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23 Mar

Not a whole lot in this weeks update, been busy working on the chaos legions list still,

So, heres pics of a few of the painted miniatures I’ve got

Bear in mind a couple of them were done with an old scanner, before I found a rather handy page of tips about photographing mini’s (from the now defunct – but I have the page saved, and the original author is fine with people reposting it, so one day…)

Yes.. I know he’s chipped on the scroll on his chest, but I didn’t originally notice that until after scanning him. I’m particularly pleased with the way the fungal skirt came out on this, as well as the globe of change in his left hand.

These guys are unfortunatly in the process of getting stripped down. After painting a unit i’ve dfecided to go with a matt blue armour effect, rather than the metallic blue, as well as a leather/khaki colouring for the cloacks.

nothing much to say – although again, he’s heading for a dip in the brake-fluid following my earlier decision regarding my chaos marines colour shcheme

again, nothing much about this one, apart from the imagae doesnt seem to show the gradiant on the head-plates too well. But I think thats because I dont highlight as much as a lot of folk – I go for the more subtle effect.

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