Making Terrain

28 Apr

Well, a bit of a treat for all of you lovely people this week….. Given that Heather has just finished her first terrain piece (with a little help), she’s written up a little summery about it for y’all…. also as I’ve been so busy researching The US Signal corps in the American Civil War I’ve not had time to do much….

My First Terrain Piece

I had decided to help Ady with making more terrain for our gaming and the first piece I decided to do was to convert the individial resin standing stomes into a single area piece.

I was feeling  very apprehensive about this as I remember the dreaded power tools from my CDT lessons at school

I was determined to do this and had plenty of encouragement.

As they were already painted & flocked, the first thing I needed to do was strip them down. This was done easily enough with an overnight soak in brake fluid, followed by a scrub with an old toothbrush. Having done this before on other models I was fine with it.

Next up was finding a base, Ady had an old wooden base that had a layer of sand on it from an old, unfinished project that was a perfect size.

After having worked out roughly where I wanted the indiviual stones I marked the positions with a felt pen.

To get a better bond between the base & the stones, I needed to grind off the sdand that was already stuck down – soaking it would have ruined the wood. I was nervous about this as I had never used a hobby drill before and when the sparkes started flying, it made me jump.

With the sand removed it was time to play with a glue gun for the first time. Again, after initially being apprehensive I got the hang of it, and the stomes were fixed in place. Once the glue had dried, another layer of sand was added to the base.

Next up was painting:

Firstly the whole piece was undercoatd black, then the stones were pregressivly highlighted up to a medium grey. Some green was drybrushed on to break up the grey and represent a layer of moss growing on the stones.

With the stome painted, it was time to paint the base: This had a couple of layers of brown enulsion to match the existing terrain, and drybrushed up with a lighter mix.

After the painting, a couple of layers of flock were added in patches to complete the piece.

Doing this has given me the confidence to be able to do more pieces; I am lookign at doing some tree bases next.


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