The 1860’s… I say, thats just not cricket!

23 May

Well, apologies for the slight hiatus in posting recently, but we’ve been a tad busy with re-enacting stuff now the seasons started….

2 events in, and well, they couldn’t have been more different – 1st even well remarkably warm & toasty… 2nd event I threw my back out from the cold & damp, and apparently according to Docs… Mild case of exposure… Yay Me!

I am also working on getting a lot more kit to do more of a living history impression for the Signal Corps, rather than active combat/running around the battlefield role as well.

Got a cipher disk on the way,

which’ll come in handy for the living history more than actual use, as ideally you need 2…

Spent last weekend swearing at the sewing machine, knocking up my own signal flag:

which, now I’ve got the flag pole sorted (Well, other than staining it – which is coming along nicely),

(Lovely day aint it)

I’ve also finally gotten Late-war flag patches etc for my jacket as well, so we’re even less likely to be mistaken for infantrymen now:

I should have enough to do a decent living history display. We’ll see.

And, for a little extra fun – Friend of mine came along to the event at Rockingham and went a bit potty with his camera – you can check out the results here

However, I’ve GOT to stop thinking of the wrong type of marines whenever Guy mentions them… I don’t think the US navy ever had any of

Somehow 🙂


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