The eyes! They follow me around the room y’know!

12 Jun

Whats this?

2 Posts in 1week? It’s like i’ve turned into some sort of crazy-mad whirlwind of stuff!

Well, not really, just had a bit of a productive week.

Spent the day utilising the extra space on the parental-units lawn to put together & figure out how were going to put up the awning, just freshly made for Heathers laundry on ACWS events.

For scale – the 2 uprights on the left are 6′, and its about 5′ wide between the uprights.

Not a bad result, even if I say so myself… and a touch larger than anticipated. Ah well, the best laid plans of mice & men

On the painting front, i’ve always had a problem when it comes to painting eyes, partly I think it’s confidence – After spending so long on painting the face – which is generally the first part of a mini I paint in case it’s fluffed up & needs to go in the brake fluid. I’ve always felt uncomfortable trying to paint eyes as I worry I’ll ruin it.

However, poddling around on the net t’other night I found a couple of articles (and promptly forgot to bookmark ’em – Sorrys…) that suggested painting the eyes before painting anything else… essentially goes – whites (well, light grey), Iris/pupil (I’ve got a pigma micron 05 tech drawing pen I’ve always meant to use for that), then flesh etc etc. Essentially taking the ‘inside-out’ painting method to the extreme – Start with the organs, and go out from there.

So, Thursday night I gave it a whirl on one of my Van Saar gangers thats been sat there a while. (Rest of him is still in progress) –

I think I need to add a touch of brown to the deeper recesses of the face, maybe a mix of brown/blue ink in the creases. But the eyes have turned out ok for a first try in… ooooooh years……..

The only problem I’ve got now is sitting there painting, and this leetle voice judging me when I’m painting it, and the eyes… they follow me around the room, I swear…

though that may be the fact I’ve been out in the sun all day without a hat, and the old thinking-noodle may be a touch on the overheated & melty side of things…

As y’know… anything else would just mean I’ve gone doolally-mad.. and that’s not the case.. I assure y’all 🙂

Take care now…


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