Eldar, Marines & Warhammer World….

09 Aug

Well, it’s been an interesting few days…

apart from the nasty cold I’ve just shaken off

The rough (And I do mean ROUGH.. version of the Marine list & Eldar list are up & ready to go, but they have a serious to-do list on them at the moment:


  • Landspeeders & Variants
  • Variant Land Raiders
  • Attack bikes
  • Scout bikers
  • Veteran Dreadnoughts
  • Ironclad dreadnoughts

And that’s just off the top of my head


  • No idea, I didn’t write it*grin*

Codex Astartes

Codex Eldar

Just to reiterate as well – These are NOT scans of the current, or any actual GW codex. They are our own stuff, based off of rogue trader – You’ll find the first parts of my Rogue Trader stuff here

On a slightly more bizarre note – We popped into Bugmans for lunch today after fabric shopping for Heathers Ball-Gown, only to have my mother (All 65 years of her…) being absolutely fascinated & asking (eventually) How do you start playing these things then?

top that off with the design studio staff wandering around with a copy of Warhammer Fantasy 3rd ed and its been a truly strange day…


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