Rogue trader Bat Rep – Eldar & Marines

23 Aug

Yesterday saw the 3rd playtest of the Rogue Trader Eldar list & 2nd of the Marines.

It started out with a straightforward ambush scenario – the marines deployed in the 2 razorbacks with Bob the dreadnought in the middle, coming on the board at 6”/turn so Bob can keep up.
Objective – Get as many models off the other side of the board as possible.
Simples no?

Especially given we were playing on a 4’x4’ board, and the vehicles started about 12” or so in.
In addition, the ambushing Eldar had about half as many point as the marines, but had the advantage of being able to deploy wherever they wanted and in hiding.
You’d think it would be a walkover. Heather certainly did.
Roughly, it played out as:
Guardians first shot from the star-cannon splashed off the refractor field of the lead razorback, this lead to Bob stomping around the vehicle to engage the guardians – right into the fire zone of the squad of fire-dragons, who promptly tried to give Bob the good news…. Bob survived through a combination of unlucky dice rolls, and refractor field.
The reapers then said hello, knocking out most of the weapons on the lead razorback, leaving the vehicle with 1 destroyed las-cannon, 1 jammed storm bolter that could give one volley, and 1 las-cannon I daren’t fire in case it exploded…..
Fortunately, the passengers were unscathed, and as the thing was still mobile I left them inside.
Razorback 2 then lashed the reapers position with synchronised heavy bolter fire…
It’s effect could be summed up as:
Firepower of the entire Battle of Gettysburg;
Effectiveness of.. well, I may as well have armed them with these:
It did serve however to get the attention of the remaining fire dragons as Bob had kept stomping towards the guardians, hosing them with bolt rounds
Which did a number on them, although they stood there ground & refused to break….. And the Star-cannon was still a going concern.
Ignoring Bob, the remaining fire dragons torched the heavy bolter razorback, doing a number on the poor passengers, killing 2, and causing the rest to get out of the vehicle in a hurry, wearing splattered remains of the vehicles gunner as well, to trade fire with the dragons, killing (almost) all of them.
Unable to target Bob due to the razorback in the way, the reapers turned their attention to the heavy bolter razorback as well, and in a damn spectacular fashion, hit the fuel supply an d the suspension so well that the resulting explosion flipped it on its roof, in a stroke of luck worthy of  this guy:
the driver crawled out the wreckage.
It was here, that the rangers,(Sneaky little buggers) decided to say hello, and took down 2 of the remaining 3 marines from the heavy bolter Razorback, and the driver as well.
However, bob and the remaining marines did away with the last firedragon, and knocked out all but one of the guardians, who decided discretion was the better part of valour & legged it when charged by the dreadnought.
By this point the first razorback had decided to gun the engine & go for it, to be stopped by 4 crack missiles saying hello Wiping out the tactical squad in the back, and generally stuffing the vehicle a good one.!
At this point, being left with 1 commander, 1 dreadnought, one marine with missile launcher (scratch him, the snipers said hello on his way out), a driver & gunner left, I decided it was time to leg it as fast as I could.
The remaining infantry flat-out ran, no firing, no attempt at cover, just full pelt run, and reserve move, which given a few paltry shots from the last guardian, and a the rangers sniper rounds bouncing off the conversion field of my commander they managed to get off the field.
Bob however, stomping along as fast as his stumpy little legs would take him, managed to get a bead on the Eldar autarch… and promptly said hello with the twin heavy bolters… Scratch one Autarch.
The last volley of the game was again, from Bob, just before he got off the field… opening up on the single Guardian, the synchronised heavy bolters made one awful mess of the last remaining guardian…
Overall, what looked initially to be a potential walkover for the marines from the pure Points standpoint, turned into a ‘Technical’ victory for the Imperial forces… but practically speaking this if anything was a phyrric victory – I got forces off the field, but barely enough to do any good.
Toting up at the end I’d lost about 75% of my force… to about 50-60% of the Eldar, and given the massive difference in the first place, I’d say it was a resounding Eldar victory.
Still, time for some payback I think
Forces used  were:
Marines – approx 1600 points
Razorback with Sync Las Cannons, Storm bolter, Machine spirit & Refractor field + 2 Crew
Razorback with Sync Heavy bolters, Storm bolter, Machine spirit & Refractor field  + 2 Crew
Dreadnought Bob with Sync heavy bolters, Powerfist, Storm bolter & refractor field
Commander with Power armour, Storm bolter, Powerfist & Conversion field.
Tactical squad with missile launcher & flamer, split into 2 combat squads of 5.
Eldar – approx 800 points
10 Man Guardian squad with Starcannon
5 Man Ranger squad with long rifles & chameleoline
5 Man Fire dragon squad with fusion guns
3 Man Dark Reaper squad with Missile launchers
Autarch with missile launcher – in with the reapers.
What was left after the ambush:
Dreadnought Bob with Sync heavy bolters, Powerfist, Storm bolter & refractor field
Commander with Power armour, Storm bolter, Powerfist & Conversion field.
Plus 2 ejected Razorback crewmen
5 Man Ranger squad with long rifles & chameleoline
3 Man Dark Reaper squad with Missile launchers
Simply put, If I’d have stayed around to fight, it would only have been a matter of time before Bob got the good news from the Dug-in Reapers, and the Rangers would have spoiled the infantry’s day given I couldn’t find the buggers, and would have been running round with the commanders 1 bio-scanner to find them before I could do anything.
What would I change:
The modified turn sequence for Rogue trader seems to be working nicely, so that’s staying. Marine-wise I think all vehicles & dreadnoughts need Bio & Energy scanners either as standard or as an option, that would have helped me find the hidden Eldar, and a full sensor suite in vehicles makes sense.
If I was playing the Eldar, I’d have given the Dragons melta-bombs (Or the option to take ‘em) and similarly with the Guardians, I’d have given them frag, and possibly Krak grenades (Or the option to take them) so they had a chance again vehicles if they lost the Starcannon…
Next Time… Pictures!

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