Island of blood

26 Sep

This weekend we splashed out on the Island of Blood box set.

Reading the rules (And I like a rulebook that doesnt break your wrist when your reading it in bed) has got me thinking a fair bit.

It’s not the basic rules I have a dislike to (Other than the whole IGOUGO turn sequence)… It’s the army books.

Over many editions of the game, as each army book gets released I’ve noticed a distict power-creep/unbalancing coming into the books. I know I’m not alone in this. I can’t quite put my finger on any particular part of the books that cause it, but it seems to be going back to varying points values – early army books often have identical upgrades costing more than later ones.

Still. What I’m thinking of doing is playing 8th ed (I like the magic a fair bit, and theres an awful lot of 3rd edition crept back in), but with the modified Turn sequence, and homebrewed army lists, using a (slightly) modified version of the generator/calculations I’ve posted previously.

So far though, I’ve assembled the High-Elf General on the Griffin..

(What.. High elves… ME???.. Yup….. I fancied a ‘good’ army for a change, though if you read the backstory you’ll see that Elfe NOT = goody-too shoes. 🙂 )

Nice model for a starter box, but then – the same can be said of all of the models in IoB

I have found though, that the majority if the joints slot together just-so… The wings however, need some filler on them:

But thats not a problem…

Coming soon – the rest of the IoB elf army….


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