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05 Nov

Last weekend saw the first in the play-test games for the rogue trader tyranid lists.

Primarily against Eldar so far, Marines come later with Heather Space-wolf mod to my Codex astartes list…

Basic principle was simple.

Eldar were defending the last webway gate on the world being consumed by ‘nids. Setup was such that approx 3000 points of nids went up about  1.5-2k ish worth of eldar, with a couple of extra screw-you’s for the nids in the shape of a couple of anti-personal minefields.

First game they were deployed by missile, straight out of the Rogue Trader rulebook (12″ Radius minefield!!! Oh the Humanity!)

Subsequent games the way they worked was simple – 4 numbered markers, each designating the centre of the field were deployed by the Eldar. Only 2 of which were live.

Troops with energy scanners would be able to use those to detect which were the real fields and which were not.

Shame ‘nids had to find them the old-fashioned way.

Not too bad all told,  I’ll let Heather’s comments on it outline the first battle:

First Eldar v’s nid game

I played my first Eldar versus tyranid rogue trader game yesterday.

The scenario was that I was defending a warp gate from the approaching horde of bugs. I had 1500 points to the tyranids 3000. it was a very short game as I was soon over ran by the tyranids.

This was partly down to my dice joining the onesie club and partly down to me making the classic errors when fighting the tyranids.

My first mistake was when I saw the size of his army I panicked. How was I going to put down all these?

My second mistake was to ignore the little guys and concentrate on attacking the carnifex.

This meant that before I took notice of any of the smaller ones they were on top of me.

My falcon had got to be my most useful unit armed with 3 following fire heavy weapons. The other units I took were two war walkers which would have been more useful but my dice did not like them, a 10 man squad of dire avengers(also useful), an autarch, a 5 man squad of rangers (okish) and a 5 man squad of reapers (totally pants). I also had mine missiles which I forgot about until reminded by Ady.

What I would do differently. Next game my points are going up to 2000 so I should have room for a few more units. The weapons on the war walkers are going to be changed so they have at least one star cannon.

I am going to have 2 8 man squads of dire avengers and drop the rangers and reapers. Any extra points are going to be spent on more units with following fire weapons. I will also target the fast-moving squads first and worry about the slow-moving ones once the faster ones are dealt with. Also if I am given snazzy extra stuff for free I will try to remember about it

Damned cheesy falcons!

Eldar v’s nid s second game

Well the second game went better for me.

I still felt like I was being swamped by tyranids but I took some of them down with me this time.

My altered list had one autarch with a shuriken catapult, 2 units of 8 dire avengers, 2 walkers with 2 star cannon each, two units of 10 guardians with a weapon platform and star cannon each and a falcon with pulse laser, shuriken cannon and scatter laser.

I tried to take out as many of the little bugs as I could before they got to close but they still seemed to come up really fast. Next time I will try to remove hormoguants as a priority.

The ravagers were untouchable until they surfaced. Then I tried to pour as much fire power into them as possible even if they were in close combat.

I think that is one tactic I will keep up. Next time I will also try to take down the warriors as without them my vehicles have a free rein. I have also got to learn not to panic when the hordes are on my lines.

Overall, a few tweaks have been made to options available to both army lists – nut that s the whole point of play-testing.

I know it's not Eldar... but it's close enough!

Coming up soonish – Friend of ours gave the nid’s a whirl… and got his booty spanked given he was still trying to play it as though it was 4th ed 🙂

He’s asked me to work out a Tau ‘dex for him (Personally I think it’s because he’s seen how much firepower makes a difference ‘again’ as opposed to melee), should be borrowing his codex to have a read through, but anyone that knows me, knows I can get on my soapbox about the Tau 🙂

But that’s a rant for another day….


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