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04 Dec

It’s been a little while since the last post, but we’ve not been resting…

There have been a fair few games ran through for the Tyranid, Eldar and the new Space Wolf list, a few intersting points have come out of them all.

1) Flying vehicles are a SOD!

They can fly just out of range of most ground based weapons, raining fire down onto the poor bloody infantry.

Tyranids get the worst of it, as they have shorter ranged weapons.
The only counter I can see tactic wise for ‘Nids is either a winged Tyrant, or winged warriors.
Mind you, we’ve also though about giving gargoyles back their bio-plasma attack, as a sort of close-range tank killer – Quite literally, chewing their way inside. The only drawback is that Gargoyles are horrendously fragile, and any decent commander should be able to blow them out of the sky before there too much of a problem, unless there flying far too fast to do anything useful. 

2) Close combat on the alternate activation doesn’t quite work out –

More specifically, when dealing with a unit under assault from multiple enemy units, the single unit gets multiple activations, due to the attack:retaliate way the close combat works.

I think this could be worked as follows:

As the normal IgoUgo rules are, in an overall turn (once for each side) Each unit in close combat should get to attack twice at most (as per the 2 turns of close combat)

If charged unit has already activated, they cannot attack back – charge reactions are still allowed for un-engaged models.
If Charged unit has not activated, they can attack back as normal.

Close combats with multiple units from each side – all units from one side are activated at the same time, and the combat otherwise goes on as normal ( activated side attacks, non activated side retaliate)

So, in theory, if it is timed right, it is possible to charge a unit that is already engaged by another unit and not get any retaliatory attacks.

3) Statlines as worked out by the Rogue Trader method seem overcosted. 

For illustration: A Carnifex is meant to be the equivalent of a dreadnought/Light tank.



Fine, Statline we have represents this,  The cost however, is approximately twice that of the tank. Doesn’t quite work out right if you ask me….

Having looked at it, I think the problem lies not in the cost of the statline, but in the multiplier that is applied to it. 

I.E – each stat has its own cost per point difference from the baseline.

If the cost goes over 10 points then a multiplier gets applied. There isn’t much of a logical progression with the multiplier however. 

What we’ve done is just tweak the multiplier table slightly to have a more gradual increase. Overall, it hasn’t had too much of an effect, but it has brought the organic statlines down to a more reasonable level (Carnifex went from ~500 points + biomorphs to about ~300 points).

4) Psychic rules

We’ve had a couple of games starting to use the heavily modified psychic rules (A homebrew mix of Rogue Trader, 3rd ed fantasy, 6th ed fantasy, 8th ed fantasy and some good old-fashioned ‘Making it up’ – at the moment, the Jury is still out, but seems promising.

Additionally, I’ve started work on my next project, as well as speed-painting (For Me) My ‘nids, I’m working on an Imperial Army list for our modified Rogue trader stats. More pics & a painting log will be forthcoming. But for now:

I’m not posting the amended lists, or the new lists were coming up with, as I want to be on the safe side from here on, and not tread on GW toes too much, as after all – most of the stuff I’m tinkering with is still their Intellectual Property. And I’m also fed up of the emails from people asking “Can I has Codex” meaning they want a pdf copy of the latest books. I’ll quite happily chat to anyone about most things, but stuff like that.. aint happening. I do have a soapbox about people that yell & shout about GW charging ‘too much’… but that’s for another day.



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