Bricks & Mortar

15 Dec

Current project at the moment, is terrain for epic…

What I’m planning firstly are a set of buildings, that can be either printed out & used as-is, or as a template for building from plasticard.

Project 2, is the beginnings of a set of fortress walls, that I’m eventually hoping I can build one of each section, then cast it up & knock out a serious castle.

Initial attempts were a combination of paper plans to plasticard.

Didnt quite work…. Unless I wanted to build a pile:

However, it did help get the basic shape sorted.

Current plans for it are essentially to build the thing from Hirst-Arts moulds. Or more specifically #250 Small brick mould

It’s its not to far off being in scale for some fairly serious sized blocks of masonary/rock/ceramite/whatever.


I’ve spent the last couple of nights tinkering with Inkscape so I could use it essentially as cpaper to draw the block in 3dish… I’m working on learning blender


Umm... noo... not this sort of blender.......

so I can do some 3d modelling, Optimistically with an eye to 3d printing & casting up parts for a planned cityscape



However, what I have got so far, is a 3dish image of how i’m going to construct the wall, I’ve just got to work out which blocks particularly to use, so I can make the best use. though the 48 sloped blocks will be a bugger…. Theres only one of those in the mould…. I reckon I’ll cast a few as I cast the rest of the brick, then use those to create a mould where I can cast a load at a time.

Both exploded and non-exploded diagrams are below:

Just need payday now so I can get stuff ordered 🙂


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