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New Files

Astute readers (I know your there! I’m watching you right now!!)

May have noticed that theres a new Files Page listed at the top.

Given the change in ISP I’ve decided to use that as a central repository for the different 3rd ed/Rogue trader army lists that we’re working on, rather than having them scattered around on various posts.


More are in progress at the moment, and should be updated on a very much ad-hoc bases.




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3 Months?? oopsie……

3 months since I updated? Oops….

Well, there’s been a multitude of reasons.. and I’m not sharing, as that’ll take far too long…

Part of the reasons has been a change of ISP, following our telephone line succumbing to the cold & wet

We’ve rebooted the 3rd Ed fantasy lists as well (See for original posts)

For now, given we’re still working on the rest, and the change in ISP has meant I’ve got to re-upload the files I’ll whet your appetite with the current w.i.p. for the combined chaos lists:

Chaos Army book 0.5


Ciao for now


Hmm… must change avatar now I’ve taken the beard off…. 🙂