Cleaning the spawning of the ghost temple

23 Apr

For a while now, I’ve been feeling burned out with the 3rd Ed Fantasy project we’ve been working on.

Most of the armies seemed to play extremely similarly with some of the battles descending into rounds of shuffling around to try & get into position to charge. As a result, all the work on the various army’s ground to a halt as there was just no enthusiasm.

Every so often since picking up ‘Island of Blood’

I’ve picked up the 8th ed rules and read a bit here and a bit there. Over time, I’m sat there thinking “Hey.. The changes for this edition are pretty good” so we gave them a whirl for a couple of games.

It was fun.

It was a LOT of fun.

Combine that with the burnout about 3rd ed & we’ve decided to make the jump back to 8th edition. It seems to have spurred a lot of the dormant creativity that was going awry.

I’ve finished enough of the basic terrain tiles to cover a 4′ x 4′ board, enough to expand to 6′ x 4′ are underway.

I’ve retired my Chaos forces for now as they were one of the thing’s I’d burned out majorly on.

Started working properly on my lizardman host – I’ve changed the colour scheme from the older white, to a tan flesh/red scale combo – Although most of them are currently white undercoated – hence the title of the post – The Spawning of the Ghost temple.

They have seen the field against Wood elf, Dark Elf, and very recently – Skaven. Currently undefeated at 1000points. *Woohoo*

Wood elves seem to be barely able to scratch the Lizzies as they dont have enough hitting power – They look like they need some serious heavy hitters like the Tree-Kin or treeman – however, at 1000 points, they don’t have enough allocation available to fit them in… and there further hampered by a SERIOUS lack of armour. Lizzies go through them like bad cheese through a sick goat…

Dark elves seem to have more success and there slowly getting closer to beating the Lizzies – the fights are close, and great fun….

Skaven… well, I don’t know – there’s only been one match so far, and lets face it…. I didn’t do anything, I just advanced menacingly while their own ‘Wonder weapons’ ripped great holes in their own lines. I couldn’t stop laughing 🙂

As part of revamping the Spawning I’ve been stripping  the lizzies prior to repainting and, have found a little nugget online that’s rather surprised me

For years now I’ve been using either acetone (nail-polish remover) or brake fluid to strip models. acetone is nasty, doesn’t do favours to plastic models and dries your hands out when cleaning them, brake fluid is in a lot of ways just as nasty and takes a couple of days to start effecting. For example, I’ve got a Slann Mage-priest from ebay. As is often the case, he was painted – a little thickly, and definately not in the colours I wanted:

So, into the brake-fluid he went after a date with Mr acetone & plenty of scrubbing. 2 weeks later, and much, much scrubbing later we had a less than optimal result:

So, I turned to the font of all knowledge: Teh Intarwebs:

Strangely enough, I found someone suggesting using Fairy Powerspray

to strip paint – including before & after pics, so rather dubiously I gave it a shot… Soaked for half an hour & gave it a scrub.

Stuff me backwards if it didn’t work rather well:

More lizard related-shenanigans, and a few more terrain tutorials coming up – I’m currently working on wire-skeleton trees that a) Don’t look like a green bogbrush and b) Dont cost a fair amount of cash..


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