Lizard Look-see

03 May

Well, so far my Lizardman host is reigning supreme in Warhammer, currently 13-0-0 for win:loss:draw at 1000 points…. *woohoo*

I’ve had a few tweaks to the list, but as it stands at the moment, its:

  • Heroes:

  • Atvar, Saurus Scar-Veteran – Hand weapon & Shield
  • Kassnass, Skink priest of Sotek – Hand weapon, dispel scroll, Plaque of Topek – Level 1 magic user with Lore of heavens
  • Core:

  • Group Hessef: 10 Saurus warriors, Hand weapon, Shield & Full command
  • Group Drefsab: 10 Saurus warriors, Hand weapon, Shield & Full command
  • Group Ianxx: 10 Skink skirmishers with blowpipes
  • Group Kirel: 10 Skink skirmishers with blowpipes
  • Special

  • Group Straha: 5 Cold One Cavalry, No command other than Standard bearer with the Sun-Standard of Chotek
  • Rare:

  • Pack Forsiss – Salamander Hunting Pack, 3 Skinks & 1 Salamander
  • Pack Skoob – Razordon Hunting Pack, 3 Skinks & 1 Razordon

I’d originally taken a Skink/Kroxigor block instead of the 2 skirmish blocks, but it didn’t work as a line unit – the skinks in combat were slaughtered too easily, and it usually ended up with the unit loosing on combat resolution due to the amount of skinks killed… they were essentially ablative armour for the krox, but didn’t help when they broke thanks to a leadership of 6 – even with cold-blooded they broke far too often.

Kassnass, the Skink priest has been 1 of two things, depending how his magic went – either totally uselessor Death Incarnate

Painting the host is coming on now, First unit of Saurus is 60% finished, with the remaining 4 about half-way to having a fully finished unit.:

I’m fairly pleased with how the standard came out  The tongue was fairly simple – Tallarn Flesh foundation, washed with Baal red wash, with a line of brown ink to define the line between teeth & tongue I think gives a fairly decent tongue colour… Still getting the hang of gems again, but then, to be fair I’m fairly out of practice painting wise, but I’m working on it 🙂

With having this week off, I should be able to put together a step-by-step guide for the basic terrain tiles were using as well, So keep your eyes open for that:


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