I-kore miniature review

06 Dec

Recently I dug up an old I-kore miniature I was given by a friend some time back & started slapping paint on her.

End result is below: (Though I do need to sort the photos as there a tad dark, think I’d messed up the settings on my camera at some point)

This is one miniature that became a serious chore for me to paint, which surprised me immensely as initially she looked fairly straightforward.

However as the painting went on I found a fair amount of issues:

  • Zipper pull on jacket – I don’t think this was needed at this scale
  • Weird location for an equipment pouch – I mean seriously – on the sleeve of a t-shirt?
  • Random shapes covering joins – there is a cylinder sticking out from behind the rifle on the back, and a random block right in the join of several things
  • Sheath/holster strap on the leg ending half-way round the thigh – looks because it was in a difficult position to reach
  • And, to paraphrase Bill Bailey – a smoothed-off ramekin of a face, other than the nose, shallow eye-pits and a slash for the mouth, there was nothing. I know female faces are usually smoother than male, but seriously too much guys……

I think the only thing I’m really happy with is how the base has turned out – and this was a combination of a 25mm lipped base, a resin base I had lying around, and plastic rod off-cuts for the shell casing

Overall, I wonder if this mini would have been better either not having the rifle ~& the club-like machete or having them as options (or at least the rifle).

There is something weird with the Vallejo game colour Dark green – it almost comes out gloss. But I wonder if this may be due to the batch I had

Edit  *

Oddly, I think it’s the batch of dark green that I have. I brought a model colour black the other week to replace the previous one that had ran out and it was also gloss.
Odd couple of batches, that’s all I can think of.


So many times I almost gave up on the figure, but I figured I need to get it finished. I’m determined to finish figures/projects once started from now on.

Overall score: 4/10 – I think the sculptor went a bit potty when it came to guns on the model, to the detriment of the figure.

I know I-kore went out of business a few years back, and based on this mini, which is admittedly the only one of theirs I have painted, I can see why.

Mind you, over time, I seem to have found that I only get miniatures from 4 manufacturers:

* I’ve found problems with the Reaper figures cast in the U.K. though, about 90-95% of the U.K. cast reaper miniatures have either casting issues, or seriously weak spots that result in bits snapping off. However, I’ve found Miniature Heroes order direct from the U.S. for their Reaper figs – a little longer for delivery (About a week I found), but there much nicer quality.

As those 4 seem to do mini’s that fit in with my painting style. There are some manufacturers out there, that while I canadmire the skill of the sculptors, I think the designs are seriously  Fugly…



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