Rumors & Rumination

20 Dec

Well, there already out there, all the 6th edition 40k rumours.
To be honest, so far there is only 1 I’m giving any sort of plausibility to, and that’s the change to the force organisation chart to be percentage based, rather than fixed numbers.
Why? Look at 8th edition fantasy – that went from fixed numbers of Lord, Hero, Core, Special Rare to %age based, and it has had an impact on the army lists out there – no more 2 core, max special & max rare army lists. Core troops now have to form at least a quarter of the army.
40k’s force org chart currently has similar things, for examplee – The ‘Nid list, I can take ‘2’ core choices of 5 ‘gaunts or ripper bases, then load up on monsterous creatures and big gribblies (The so-called ‘Nidzilla’ build)
Given the background fluff has carpets of little bugs with big ones in between its hardly what you’d expect from a swarm army.
So, if this rumour holds any water, the force org chart may change to be (Basing this on the changes in 8th ed fantasy):
  • HQ: 1-2
  • Elite: 0-2
  • Core 2-6
  • Fast Attack 0-2
  • Heavy Support 0-2
I can see the base going to:
  • HQ: 25% max
  • Elite: 25% max
  • Core 25% min, no max
  • Fast Attack 25% max
  • Heavy Support 25% max
I can also see variants in the codexes for some armies, for example Iron Warriors – known for their heavy artillery to the detriment of speedy assault units, could be:
  • HQ: 25% max
  • Elite: 25% max
  • Core 25% min, no max
  • Fast Attack 15% max
  • Heavy Support 25% min 50% max

To my mind, it’s another move towards a more fluff-based approach, rather than the rigid tournament style that has felt prevalent in the last few editions. After all, Tournament organisers can include the organisation limits they want in their tournament in the information pack, and there’s no longer an ‘ideal’ points value for the organisation chart.
Do I think percentage based is perfect? No.
Do I think org chart based is perfect? No
Do I think a combination is perfect? No.
But it’s certainly better then the other two options alone in my opinion.
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