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Reiklander Warband

The recent scenery posts, may have given the game away that we’re working on a load of terrain for playing Mordheim. At the moment, I’m planning to be running a Riekland mercenary warband (As opposed to Heathers Skaven, Tim’s Sisters of Sigmar & Al’s Greenskins)

I’ve got the list together – roughly at any rate, and the models are built, with an interesting mix of mordheim/Empire Milita/Empire crossbowmen/Empire State troops/Beastmen/Chaos Warrior/plasticard/epoxy putty, as well as the moral boosting help of a lot of cuppa’s and at least 1 box of sainsburys do-nuts 🙂

Click on the pics for better images – and I’ll get painted ones up as & when   Read the rest of this entry »

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Watchtower & Work in progress

As mentioned in my previous post,

I was working on the watchtower, from the fortified manor kit & figured I’d post it once done:

Further down there are some Wip shots of the next building I’m working on… Read the rest of this entry »

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Chapel of Sigmar

Nothing much today, just a few pics of the recently finished Chapel of Sigmar terrain piece.

We treated ourselves to the fortified manor set for xmas, but rather than build it as a single piece split it down into its component sections. Read the rest of this entry »

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