08 May

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve updated but as often, real life ™ kept getting in the way.

On the flip side.. We do have a nicely redecorated bathroom now *grin*

So.. What’s been happening in the mancave?


Picked up the new Empire army book – I’m not going to give a review, but I do like some of the changes made, especially to Sigmar Warrior priest. I also like the addition of the witch-hunter as a character choice, and the model is gorgeous…. Though doesn’t fit in how I play my army – feels to me that they are more of a character hunter and I play a more defensive gun-line force.

However, I’ve picked the model up, same as the dual-hammer wielding priest, and the engineer kit – It’s nice to have an engineer model that doesn’thave to have a special weapon.

I mean, I like the effect of the hochland rifle, but for a single wound, firing every other turn weapon, it’s damn expensive points wise….

I’m also going to treat myself to the Luminark model – I tend to play with Heavens and/or Shadow magic, and having the celestial doodad in the line, hopefully bringing down some extra meteor based smackdown should help…

I hope…..

Some of the new range of paints have been picked up & tried by Heather, and she’s raving about them.. I haven’t yet tried them myself, but it’s only a matter of time

We’ve officially stepped away from Re-enacting now.. To the point were I’ve sold most of my kit, and got a nice lump from Ebay for it…

Some of it’s been used for buying kit & materiel to make costume as, now I’ve got myself sorted we’ve started Live role-playing again.

That said, re-enacting is a form of live roleplaying… Just historical, rather than fantasy 🙂

Fools & Heroes is our system of choice at them moment and not just because it’s cheap and the local site used is 15 minutes down the road… It’s also one of the longest running ones in the county…

Myself & a couple of old friends are also working on a system ourselves – Based loosely on a combination of Conan & Slaine.. That can be found over at Dawn of steel and on facebook

Well, thats it for now….



It’s been a while

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