6th Edition Chaos…

25 Sep

Ok, lets try this again and hope it doesn’t vanish when I try and publish it…

Yes, Warped Reality has had another hiatus over the summer. Sue me, I’ve been having fun.
The main thing, gaming wise has been us going to our first weekend Larp event in 11 years, and the release of 6th Edition Warhammer 40k and the Dark Vengence box to go along with it.
I’ll be honest. I haven’t been this stoked about an edition of 40k for a long time. Reading through the changes etc, it’s almost as though the design team have read my mind about the majority of the stuff I was wanting from Rogue Trader.
It doesn’t feel so much like a tournament focused game any more. This is reinforced by the scenarios in the Dark Vengence set… It’s interesting, and not just you line up there, you line up there, and start belting each other.
Allies look interesting, I’m already planning a Daemon allie contingent for my nascant Word Bearers (Blame The first heretic and Know no fear for that)
Which segues nicely into the first 6th edtion codex release. Chaos Marines.
I’ve got it on pre-order, as well as 2 sets of the psychic cards. Which is a first for me, as was getting 6th edition on preorder for the midnight pickup at the store.
So far, I’m liking how it looks. Cultists are in (YAY!) now, which they have needed for a long time if you ask me. Fits with the fluff more I rekon.
The Daemon Engines look nice, I think I may have to pick up a Forgefiend when I have enough painted up. There’s just something about the design, much… sleeker… than the Defiler model
The Chaos models in Dark Vengence are outstanding. GW have totally hit the ball out of the park with these. I’m comparing them with the ones from the 2nd Edition 40k box and giggling madly
The dreadnought is particularly nice – harks back to the original Rogue Trader Era Chaos Dread and the organic blend.
 Mind you, given that Slaves to Darkness and Lost and the Damned have been quoted as being inspiration I’m not surprised.
I;ve already made arrangements to swap my Dark Angels for my buddy’s Chaos from Dark vengence and plan to make at least the gub-arm magnetised.
There is one unit that I think is a bit of a flop are the Mutilators –
They are (imho) even worse than the Obliterators for the ‘squating-behind-the-bush-looking-constipated’
Still, if I get a pack of ’em, I know what I’m going to do to them – Same as my Obliterators
Well, thats about it for now.
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