Under the brush

29 Sep

This is going to be what I hope is a (semi) regular (ish) feature on Warped Reality – What’s on my painting table & under the brush at the moment…

There are 2 main projects currently – my Talabheim Empire army, and my Word Bearers Chaos Marines. Along with a few figures for Mordheim and Call of Cthulhu
Empire troops:
I’ve got amost of a small unit of spearmen painted, plus a couple of mages, and a commander.
Commander first (Even though he’s finished)
Then the in progress command group for the spearmen:
With these guys, the white and red quartering is finished, it’s just a case now of chugging on with the details. You can just about see, in the right hand corner one of the handgunners and one of the knights.
Next is a Jade Wizard – now, this chap had a miscast head when I got him home, but rather than get him swapped, I trawled through my (somewhat extensive) bits box to find something suitable instead to make him.. individual 🙂
Not too much progress on him as yes, I’e just about finished the flesh, and starting on the boots & leatherwork.
Finally for the Empire is Boris – the Spear unit’s mascot:
I was originally almost finished, with just the base to wash, highlight etc, but there was  something bugging me about him. Turns out that having the handlers rags as brown really didn’t help – it made the whole thing blend into one. the Vallejo ocean blue helps, I’ve just got to shade & highlight etc, plus base, then Boris is ready to go.

Word Bearers.

So far, other than the single test-scheme model, I’ve only done this squad, plus most of a lord, but it’s early-days yet
All I’ve got to do now, is add the flock to the bases, and the insignia via transfer and there ready for the field.
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