Under the Brush this week

06 Oct

Wow, I’ve actually managed to keep myself to the promise of making this a regular feature *grin*

Anyhow, lots of little bits of progress since last week. I’ve finished off the Word Bearers squad, Chaos Lord and Boris, and more work on various bits.

So, without further ado;

In Progress
Main things I’ve been working on have been my Empire command squad, there not far off being finished now
It’s mostly just trimmings to finish off now with these guys. I am thinking of a device to go on the standard, but thats still up in the air at the mo.
Next are the two ruffians from my Mordheim warband
These have got quite a way to go. I’m thinking of changing the hair colour on the one on the right, theres something about it thats bugging me. I think a brown may be better. ** Edit: Actually, dark blonde works**
My 2nd Word Bearer squad is coming along. I was expecting the new Chaos Marine Codex to arrive today, but Royal Mail have stayed true to form…
Well, thats that in progress, other than a few small bits of scenery – These could be used as just decoration around the field (I’ve similar for my artillery units) or Objective markers. For scale, they are on 40mm round bases

Finished Stuff

First up are a pair of Wyrdstone markers for mordheim – the crystals came with a batch of pre-made Hirst-Arts bits I got from Ebay – I believe it was the Cavern Accessory Mould
Paintjob was fairly easy – Mithril Silver with a lot of layers of Green INK – not wash.
Next are the Word Bearers – Troops first:
And Chaos Lord next:
We’ve a Warhammer Fantasy game planned for tomorrow, the might of Talabheim vs the insidiously smelly Skaven. I’ll see if I can get pics and a bit of a write-up.
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