Black Library weekender – The aftermath

05 Nov

Phew… Weekend’s over. And it was rather jolly fun all around…

Ran into a couple of old friends I’d not seen in Aaaaages as well, which turne dout to be even more of a laugh.
Anyhow, what went on, and what’s been let slip?
I rocked up at the hotel about 10 minutes after the doors had opened on the Saturday morning…. and there was an almighty scrum around the sales stand already…. Anyone would think the folk had never seen books before 🙂
Picked up both of the event specific chapbooks on Saturday & Sunday, nice hardbacks they are too. I find it funny that there are people, who didn’t go asking via facebook when Black Library are going to put the books on general release… Kinda negates teh point of event-only books that… To quote a line from the weekend “Welcome to the point!”

Horus Heresy Audio

First seminar I went in; presided over by Gav Thorpe(GT), Christian Dunn(CD), John French(JF) and James Swallow(JS)
Relatively straightforward into – went through what each of them were working on, it went like:
GT: “Honour to the Dead” audio drama – this was also included in the German Games Day chapbook, and covers part of the battle on the surface of Calth – Including a Titan battle, Astartes and at least one civilian with a baby….
JF: “Grey Angel” – Download & Double disk audio drama – JF couldn’t say much about it yet, other than Space Marines got to a place and stuff happens…. He’s also in the planning stages for “Vengence” This is going to involve Sigismund of the Imperial Fists dealing with the last few Word Bearers in the Solar System – A shrine comet filled with the skulls of fallen heroes being manned by the Word Bearers
Vengence strikes me as a bit odd – or it could be the use of the word ‘shrine’ in it. Still – sounds like it’ll be an interesting one
JS – “Sword of Truth” – Due for release in the last Saturday in November – it’s a 2 disk Nathaniel Garro story billed as “Johnny Space Marine action and wacky hi-jinks with the World Eaters and White Scars” also working “Burden of Duty” which is a half hour Garro story wherin he’s attempting to recruit an Imperial Fist librarian. And theres a lot more Garro audio drama’s on the way.
Anyone would think Nathaniel Garro was the poster-boy for the audio books at this rate….
Two more upcoming audio drama’s have peeked my interest – “Wolf Hunt” – At the end of The Outcast Dead there was a single survivor, The Luna Wolf Severin – This audio drama is the tale of the hunter searching for the Luna Wolf.
The other concerns Magnus the Red’s choice over his role in the Heresy – not what I’d consider to be action packed, and sound like it would be more of a thinky one…
Forward planning Black Library are looking at releasing a mini audio drama per month and the idea is that 4 of them will be Heresy based.
The big one for me was the news that as of this morning CD was going into the studio to start recording the unabridged version of “Flight of the Eisenstein” – all 18 hours worth of it, and going forward the plan is to have each of the Heresy novels released as unabridged audio – more or less in chronological order – Apparentley the logic to staring with Flight is that the first 3 already have abridged versions out so there not a high priority for now.
More or less rounded off with the news that a Black Library podcast is in the planning stages.
I reckon theres going to be some hate thrown out about that from the wider interwebs but heck, there a folk out there that would spew hate at GW even if they were giving xmas pressies to orphans.
Personally, I’m all for it 🙂
Final bit of news which JS tagged as “Wide Screen Epicosity” – see authors can invent words 🙂 was the news that Black Library are looking at larger audio projects that are effectively serialised radio plays. The plan is for 1 episode a month – and thats tentatively penciled in for 2013

Writing for the Black Library

I had a wee bit of a nerdgasm on this one – sat in front of Dan Abnett & James Swallow (I might have quietly squeed a bit in excitement…)

Quite a bit came out of this – but it was mainly the technical side of stuff & a fair few what not to do hints.

So if you want to write for Black Library don’t forget to put the WAR in Warhammer .

While you might find the adventures of the inquisitor that retired and opened a cake shop fascinating… it’s not quite what they want.Though discussion in the smoking area after, we decided that if they were possessed daemon cakes planted by Alpha Legion operatives it’d be a different matter…. And a very, very strange story.

However, that said the next issue of “Hammer & Bolter” will be the last, but the plan is to release one short story a week so Black Library are gagging for new authors.

Thats it for now, next installment should be done tommorow, including the Q&A with the man that’s responsible for a hell of a lot of the books on our bookshelf…



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