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Going away for a while

It’s been kinda coming on for a while….

I’m putting Warped Reality on Hiatus for an indefinate period. It’s not that I’ve run out of stuff to do hobby-wise, but I’ve lost the drive & enthusiasm to keep trying to blog about it, rather than just do it…

So, for now, it’s so long…..


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Tubes, Tentacles & Fur…..

Hmm, perhaps I could have picked a better title, it reads like it’s some sort of hentai/furry slash-fic…… (No.. Don’t google that…… really….)


Anyhow, a few weeks ago I ordered both a tube tool, and fur texture plates from Masquerade Miniatures, and finally got around to given them a try last night.
I’ve got to say, I’m impressed.
the tubes/tentacles are semi-flexible – but that’s partly a property of the pro-create I used to make them, but it could come in handy for flexing them into place on models. I imagine, if I used either a harder mix, or something like milliput superfine they would be rock hard – and definitely need putting in place before they dry.
I’ve also seen, while getting the links for this, the new design of fur sculpting tool stuck me as something that I may order when I really start on with my beastmen. Mind you, the texture plates may be enough for the minotaurs (I’d prefer mine to be a little hairier) 🙂
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