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Competitive versus none competitive play

Having spent a fair while surfing around various gaming blogs, I find the majority (Especially in the US) have a definate competitive bent, so I figured I’d return to the blog with an opinion piece:

Competitive vs non-competitive play

I’ll admit that nowadays and in hindsight since day one, I’ve been a non-competitive gamer. 
I’ve tried competitive play, and usually ranked towards the bottom at the few tournaments I’ve been to, which to be fair at those positionings I’ve met opponants thatare usually more interested in having a laugh than winning.
It’s also one of the reasons I tend to stay away from internet forums – they seem to be nothing more than discussion grounds as to which cookie-cutter list/army is the strongest. So, I avoid them.
 I’m not interested, and trawling through the amount ofx is better than y or z sux, y roxs! Posts, or the sheer number of GW-hate   (That could be the subject for entirely seperate opinion piece however :)) that seems to come out on them, I just don’t feel it’s worth it.
It’s a game people. We’re pushing around little plastic army-men.
Yeah.. I said it.
See how ludicrous it sounds when you break it down to a simple blurb?
So why get so up tight about having to win?
Yeah, it’s nice to win… But winning too often can get stale.


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