03 Oct

Long time readers may remember my previous Warhammer fantasy battle 3rd edition & Rogue Trader projects – and remember they fell by the wayside.
Partly because the changes in 8th edition Warhammer, and 6th edition 40k were to our liking.
It was also because of what turned into a crazy amount of work to adapt & build the current army lists into something that stat and points-wise fitted into the older editions, and stopped it being fun for us….
Having found the various “Oldhammer” groups online, it occurred to me that I’d kinda missed the point…….. I was trying to shoehorn imitations into something that essentially didn’t need it – I’d missed the scenarios, the objectives, the whole narrative and having a damn good laugh at the same time.
At the same time, I’m a little tired of the line up & lets get-em way we’ve been playing 8th ed fantasy, and I’m looking for something more, after all we’ve already added house rules to 6th ed 40k that make it how we want it to play (Rending bolters! Woohoo!)
What I’ve been doing recently is looking through the various Oldhammer groups and re-reading 3rd ed rules, some of which will be ported into our 8th ed games, and we’ll also be playing more 3rd edition (and rogue trader) games. As well as aiming less for the army-list points driven and more for the scenario driven games.
Another way of looking at the army lists/codex/army book is how the writers & designers envisage the various armies – for example, bow heavy elf armies, or lots of heavily armoured dwarfs marching forwards. If you use the lists/books/codex as a n inspiration point you’ve got a lot more freedom.
dwarf armour
I’ve also rediscovered a love for the older miniatures as well (Though I don’t miss assembling multi-part metal models).
I do find there’s two distinct ‘periods’ of citadel mini’s I like – these as I term them are Classic & Modern.
There’s also the period in the middle… The “Stick it in the air & wave it around like you just don’t care” period but given I think there were 3, maybe 4 good figures to come out of that I’m not even going to poke it with a stick…..
Classic/Oldhammer – tends to be anything pre 4th edition/Marauder miniatures, or for Rogue trader anything pre 2nd edition (Barring the plastics however – I must admit to not particularly liking the classic rogue trader plastics – even the legendary RTB01 box set…)
Modern/Newhammer – A lot (But not all…) of the newer mini’s, generally post 2000 ish or so…. They are beautiful models in their own right, and some are a dream to paint (Some are absolute sods as well…)
There are also a load of other manufacturers out there that are doing mini’s that can be used – especially if your not worrying about various limits, or playing in tournaments (Which I touched in my last post)
On that note, I’ve been trawling my various storage boxes, and eBay with an eye for classic mini’s – I’m aiming to collect the imperial army figures and space pirates for Rogue trader at least to use in various scenarios, and for WFB I’m starting on the Imperial Dwarfs
I’ve always wanted a dwarf army. The problem is, I don’t like the style of the modern dwarfs. So I’ve started building up an Imperial Dwarf force for WFB.
oldhammer minis 1
As well as classic dwarfs, I’m planning to use some of the Black Tree Designs dwarfs as they fit quite well, and I also need to trawl the Oldhammer forums to see what other mini manufacturers make suitable figs…
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