And 2014 rolls in..

31 Dec

It’s New Years eve, so what does that mean?

For me, bit of booze and planning for next year.

[edit] Only the booze didn’t happen… I love being really ill 😦

Well, in truth it’s been more a case of looking back and seeing what’s been achieved hobby wise (See last post) and what I’m wanting to do for the next year.

First thing is to get a little more organised with things. The problem is, I’ve so many ideas in various stages of gestation floating around in my head that I’ve sometimes got the attention span of a puppy in a room full of bouncing balls.

Not so good. Nothing gets finished properly and that narks me off, which leads to another “Well, how about if I…” though and yet another idea joins the mix.
Bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy really.

The last couple of weeks have also revealed something to me as well: I’ve currently got 4-5 projects on my painting desk (River trolls, batch of Nids, Nurgle herald, Rogue trader era inquisitor and Daemon prince (Sculpting it) and chimera ). BUT I’ve found I’ve been, or at least felt far more productive when I’ve been able to flip between each one as another dries. It seems to help, so I think I’ll give that a try for this year.

Oddly though, while painting the trolls flesh I had a bit of a flashback to the old Troll games, and added an idea called “Oi! Gimme back moi fish!” to the list of scenarios or possibly card game or similar idea mix.

Anyway, back to organisation.

First thing was to look at the ever-growing unpainted plastic/metal/resin pile and sigh a bit[1]. At the moment, Army wise I’ve got:

  • 40K
    • Chaos marines
    • Loyalist Marines
    • Tyranids
  • Fantasy
    • Empire
    • Chaos Warriors
    • Beastmen
    • High Elf [2]
    • Goblin [2]
    • Lizardmen
  • Necromunda
    • Van Saar gang
  • Mordheim
    • Reiklander Warband
    • Beastman Warband
  • Blood Bowl
    • Lizardman team
    • Dwarf Team

As well as a load of various Rogue trader era, Rpg and other figures.

NONE of them are fully painted, other than the Reiklander warband. I’ve long since got to the point of being embarrassed about the number of unpainted armies I’ve got.
It doesn’t help that only the 40k, Empire and Chaos warrior armies have storage boxes, the other have more impromptu storage solutions, and as a result have a tendency to get damaged.

So; what to do?

First – I’m planning to get at least one storage box (Either GW or KR Multicase) per month from February payday (January’s is going on getting a new PC).
Additionally, I’m promising myself that I’m not going to buy any more figures than I paint this year. Well, I say this year, More accurately would be from just before Xmas to be fair.
This way at least I’ve got something to go for, especially with the rumored Tyranid release looming soon.
I’ve not done too badly over the past 2 weeks, despite having a minimal Xmas break, I’ve finished:
6 Empire spearmen[3]
8 ‘nid Hormagaunts [4]
1 Forge world Fire Raptor gunship [5]
Hive Tyrant, Lictor and Broodlord [6]
Goblin Shaman/great shaman
3rd ed era Nurgle Chaos warrior

So, a total of 20 models. Not so bad, and Xmas brought me a total of 17 new models[7]. So far I’m going well 🙂 Especially considering the river trolls are also half done, as is the herald of nurgle, rogue trader inquisitor and a chimera.

Second thing was to list the main things floating around at the moment that we’re also looking at for the overall gaming group, so that I can put them into some semblance of order and priority.
These being:

  • 40k:
    • Map campaign with detailed solar system setting
  • Fantasy:
    • Map campaign [8]
    • More work on the Kleindorf city setting for WFRP, Mordheim and Fantasy.
    • Realms of Chaos warbands campaign using 3rd ed rules[9]
  • Mordheim:
    • Kick off the campaign again
  • Necromunda
    • Kick off campaign
  • Blood Bowl
    • Kick off a league
  • 1st Ed Space Hulk
    • Introduce folk to the awesomeness that is Space Hulk.
  • Scenery:
    • 40k/necromunda City boards
    • Cobblestone textured effect City boards [10]
    • Desert Terrain[11]
    • Daemon Terrain

So. fair bit of a plan for the new year. Should also be helped with moving the weekly RPG session to a Friday night, and setting a regular 1st & 3rd Saturday of the month as gaming days[12]

Lets see how well I can stick to it, or how it mutates as the year rolls on.

Next update? Probably pics, but who knows how my mind works?[14]


[1] Ok, a lot…
[2] Still small, but that’s not the point.
[3] Ok, they have been at least 75% done for a month, but that’s not the point 🙂
[4] Yeah, half of them have been sat there in the same state for as long as the spearmen..
[5] Admittedly a fairly plain, utilitarian paint scheme with no imperial insignia (Scraped off the eagles) as I want it for a more generic fighter/transport
[6] That I’ve had for years……
[7] 3 River trolls, 3 Plague drones, 1 Nurgle herald and box of Plaguebearers.
[8] Technically already started as that maps together and starting territories have been chosen.
[9] Also thinking about using the modern magic rules as the’re slicker than the clunkier 3rd ed magic.
[10] I’ve found some textured wallpaper that’s perfect for this.
[11] This is more for Heather & her Tomb kings so I should just be showing her what to do.
[12] Not every Saturday as that’d leave problems with finding time to paint and still leave it fun. also we generally Larp on the 2nd & 4th Sundays of the month, so this feels like a decent compromise.[13]
[13] Until we win the lottery millions.
[14] I certainly haven’t got a clue. I’m just along for the ride.


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