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Painting plans for 2015

This year I’ve not been too shabby on the painting front…. On the photographing front.. Well, thats another matter entirely.

Part of the boost was getting a display cabinet in the sitting room, that’s given me even more incentive to get things painted up in there, which in turn, has led to a couple of games that for the first time in what feels like forever have involved 100% painted models on all side.

Surprising I know...

Surprising I know…

This has fed into wanting to get more painted, which has fed into.. Well, I’m sure you get the idea now anyhow. It’s a vicious circle 🙂

As an extra incentive (Like I need one now I’ve got started), I’m going for a version of the “points mean prizes” for painting.

I’ll be pointing as :

20/25mm base models (Infantry) = 1 point
40/50mm base models or Cavalry, bikes, etc. = 2 points
Monstrous Creature or Dreadnought = 5 points
Vehicles/Chariots = 10 points
Superheavy Vehicles = 20 points
Still got to figure something out for terrain though… May depend on the size of the piece in question.
Talking of terrain, Im planning to get some photo’s fairly soon (1) of a load of the scenery I’ve been making recently.
I’ll be keeping tabs on my running total in the right hand taskbar, though it’ll probably be updated as ofteen as the blog is – I’ll be having far too much fun doing to remember to record it.

(1) don’t hold your breath

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