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2015 Painting update

Well.. Following on from My “Painting Plans” for this year I’ve been keeping a log of what’s been started and what’s been finished… Even given I had most of January of I appear to have gone a little bit critical:

I’m listing them by the categories I decided on:

20/25mm base models (Infantry) = 1 point
13 Tyranid Termagants
4 Tyranid Hormagaunts
5 Tyranid Gargoyles
8 Tyranid Genestealers
Reaper Chupacabra
5 Hasslefree Miniatures Barbarian
Hassslefree mini Evil Dead Ash
Hasslefree minis The Thing – Macready
4 Hasslefree minis Chaos Dwarves
Hasslefree minis Marv (Hellboy variant)
Hasslefree minis Dynamic Kaylee
4 Call of Cthulhu/Pulp investigators
5 x Grenadier Call of Cthulhu Mi-Go
Citadel Jokaero
2 Rogue Trader Space Orcs
4 Rogue Trader Pirates/Adventurers
40/50mm base models or Cavalry, bikes, etc. = 2 points
2 Call of Cthulhu Cthonians
1 Tyranid Warrior
6 Velociraptors
Reaper 6 armed snake demon
Monstrous Creature or Dreadnought = 5 points
3 Dinosaurs
Forge World Primarch Lorgar
Reaper Bones Jabberwock
Vehicles/Chariots = 10 points
Forge World exalted Great Unclean one
I’ve also done a few terrain pieces I’ve not included yet.
So, totalling up:
20/25mm base models (Infantry) 60 points
40/50mm base models or Cavalry, bikes, etc. 18 points
Monstrous Creature or Dreadnought = 25 points
Vehicles/Chariots  10 points
Total = 108 points
Ah crap… I’ve gotta find a wodge of cash for myself now 🙂
In other news, we’ve been working on more of the modified background for Fantasy, and a Solar System setting for 40k, as well as a complete rule set project (Currently for 1/300-6mm-epic only).. Further info should not be too long in coming (By the usual standard of my blog 🙂 )
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