About Ady

Morning all.

Who is this amazing[1], devilish[2], all round superstar[3] that is Ady?

I’m a gaming enthusiast[4], and have been since I first picked up a copy of white dwarf in early 1989 [WD 108 as I recall – it was the titan on the cover that caught my eye].
I’d also inadvertantly played a couple of games of red-box D&D that year when one of my classmates brought a copy to school.
’88… It was the starting year for what has become a major passion of mine.

Over the years, it’d be easier to list what GW games I haven’t played, rather than list the ones I have. I’ve listed them once, and whew… there were a few…
I’ve dabbled in other periods and systems, but always end up returning to either the dark future of 40k, or the grim perilous world or Warhammer. don’t ask me which is my favourite… I’ve no idea, and may end up bluescreening on you and just dribbling[5] as my brain tries to compute it.

I’ve a tendancy to prefer GM’ing with roleplay, and love coming up with various rule tweaks and modifications[6] to any game or game system we play as a group.

Speaking of groups, I’m one of the founding members, and driving force behind the Knights of Cydonia gaming group – A small, but perfectly formed gaming group[7].
We meet weekly, generally on a Friday night for various RPG’s and often pick up again on Saturdays for tabletop wargames, unless we’re off Live Roleplaying for the weekend[8]

So, grab your dice, your brush, and dive in.

[1] This may be a delusion.
[2] This too.
[3] This is just a lie.
[4] Okay, maybe enthusiast isn’t a strong enough word.
[5] As opposed to my more usual dribble.
[6] Some subtle, some… not so subtle.
[7] Not visually though… Oh gods not visually…
[8] Most of us play in either the “Fools & Heroes” system or “Lorien Trust”.


4 responses to “About Ady

  1. David G

    July 21, 2010 at 3:10 pm

    Hi Ady
    I’m a old RPG and wargame fan. Got into wargames back in 1980 and same time for RPGs. I had to abandon WFB at about 1st 2nd edition (I have the Forces of Fantasy supplement and Blood Bath at Orcs Drift) to move wholly over to RPGs as I couldn’t afford to do both (I’d also went to University at the time so had to save my money for beer and rent).

    But anyway – I got back into WHFB and then into wargaming about 1998 when I picked up a copy of the PC game Dark Omen. I was hooked and I’ve been trying to to recreate the games I played in DO ever since. In 2002 I came across Warmaster but it still didn’t give me what I wanted. Then my RPG group had a WHFB tournament using the 6th edition rules. They didn’t seem too bad so I got into it but soon realised that every new army book was cheesier than the last and the points system was shot to pieces. Still I loved the background too much (I’d rpged in the warhammer world back in college) and I wanted to play all the armies so collected the 6th edition army books on ebay, but couldn’t afford to buy the hyper inflated GW figures so bought 15mm analogues instead. I came across the fantastic 15mm Demonworld range which filled quite a few armies and I’ve been filling in the rest for a while. Right now I have 15mm figures for Dark Elves, Wood Elves, High Elves, Bretonians, Empire, Mercenaries, dwarves, Orcs and Gobbos, Vampire Counts and Tomb Kings, Lizardmen and some chaos and beastmen. Not many good 15mm Skaven analogues out there so Skaven have had to take a back seat.

    When I moved to another part of the UK I joined a local wargame group and they played Celtos and other Fantasy wargames but not WHFB. In fact GW was so hated that not a single game, apart from Warmaster, is played. Problem is I now hate the Warhammer IGO UGO phase system, preferring the alternative activation system that other modern fantasy wargames now have (inspired by SF wargames). Celtos and Wargods of Aegyptus has this. Armies of Arcana tries to have simultaneous combat, magic etc but it’s movement is still IGOUGO. So I started to work on tinkering with Warhammer 6th edition (having given up on 7+ edition) but I gave up when I couldn’t work out the points system (and having a young family means I have little time for this). I then came across your site and wondering if you have the answer for me.

    What changes have you made to 3rd edition WHFB? Have you changed the turn sequence? Is it still IGOUGO?

    Hope to hear from you.


    • Ady

      July 21, 2010 at 7:07 pm

      Hi David,
      yes, I have moved the files, but I though I’d updated the links, have been so busy reenacting past cpl of month not had much time to update the blog, although there is plenty of things planned for it, I’ve got your email now, so while I though I’d updated all the file locations when I moved them, it would appear not to be the case – let me know which ones you want & I’ll email them over.

      And yes, we have changed the turn sequence away from the IgoUgo system & now alternate activation of units, does throw up the occasionall oddidy, but flows SO much better, do the same with Rogue Trader as well…

  2. Jim

    December 9, 2010 at 1:28 pm

    Just stalkin’ ya! ;o) Not so easy since I shot Facebook in the head. Anyway, you take care chap. :o)

    • Ady

      December 9, 2010 at 6:44 pm

      ‘ello Matey,
      Did think you’d vanished from FB….


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