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Under the brush, episode (i’ve no idea)

Nothing much to see here, still on a postgathering comedown, and haven’t had much time for painting in the last few weeks. Still, heres some pics of what has come out recently


Empire fanatics: I’ve got a large block left to paint up, but these have been polished off now so I can use them in a mordheim type scenario I’m planning


RT Era Imperial army troopers


Forge world event navigator and Solomon Lok inquistor models.

Truth be told, I found the navigator to be quite a pain in the rear, due to the sheer plethora of details on him. The Inquisitor in the other hand had a fairly nice balance of detail.

Sometime I think some sculptors/companies should stop and think for a moment. Just because they can do a thing, doesn’t mean they should. (I’m looking at you, Nagash: The End Times)


Gobboes from Gamezone L-R: Rude gobboes, Gobboe fanatic, Sir Gobboe

I love the way these little guys have come out. Initially, I’d ended up with a very flat dull green on the skin.However, a glaze of yellow ink made them POP and added just a level of vibrancy that I’m planning to do the same for all my gobboes.

That said, I’ love the minis themselves – I ordered the rude gobbes purely because Iw ant some fun in my armies, and they hit the nail on the head. The Fanatic is the first of several I’m planning to order as he’s mean enough to look threatening, without the overlong chains on the current gw plastics. Sir Gobboe was  again for the giggles, especially when facing Heathers Brettonians 🙂


I’m going to close on a bit of an observation – I’ve recently been paiting a mix of resin, plastic and metal models, yet finding the metal ones are, to me, more fun to paint. Not sure why,






Under the Brush this week

Wow, I’ve actually managed to keep myself to the promise of making this a regular feature *grin*

Anyhow, lots of little bits of progress since last week. I’ve finished off the Word Bearers squad, Chaos Lord and Boris, and more work on various bits.

So, without further ado;

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Under the brush

This is going to be what I hope is a (semi) regular (ish) feature on Warped Reality – What’s on my painting table & under the brush at the moment…

There are 2 main projects currently – my Talabheim Empire army, and my Word Bearers Chaos Marines. Along with a few figures for Mordheim and Call of Cthulhu
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Warhammer World visit

Had a trip up to Warhammer World yesterday, partly to take my nephew, but mainly to take part of the 25th Birthday celebrations for 40k (Kinda makes me feel old 🙂

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Reiklander Warband

The recent scenery posts, may have given the game away that we’re working on a load of terrain for playing Mordheim. At the moment, I’m planning to be running a Riekland mercenary warband (As opposed to Heathers Skaven, Tim’s Sisters of Sigmar & Al’s Greenskins)

I’ve got the list together – roughly at any rate, and the models are built, with an interesting mix of mordheim/Empire Milita/Empire crossbowmen/Empire State troops/Beastmen/Chaos Warrior/plasticard/epoxy putty, as well as the moral boosting help of a lot of cuppa’s and at least 1 box of sainsburys do-nuts 🙂

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Chapel of Sigmar

Nothing much today, just a few pics of the recently finished Chapel of Sigmar terrain piece.

We treated ourselves to the fortified manor set for xmas, but rather than build it as a single piece split it down into its component sections. Read the rest of this entry »

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Photo Studio

Just a quick update, I’ve been playing around with my new photo studio…




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