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2015 Painting update

Well.. Following on from My “Painting Plans” for this year I’ve been keeping a log of what’s been started and what’s been finished… Even given I had most of January of I appear to have gone a little bit critical:

I’m listing them by the categories I decided on:

20/25mm base models (Infantry) = 1 point
13 Tyranid Termagants
4 Tyranid Hormagaunts
5 Tyranid Gargoyles
8 Tyranid Genestealers
Reaper Chupacabra
5 Hasslefree Miniatures Barbarian
Hassslefree mini Evil Dead Ash
Hasslefree minis The Thing – Macready
4 Hasslefree minis Chaos Dwarves
Hasslefree minis Marv (Hellboy variant)
Hasslefree minis Dynamic Kaylee
4 Call of Cthulhu/Pulp investigators
5 x Grenadier Call of Cthulhu Mi-Go
Citadel Jokaero
2 Rogue Trader Space Orcs
4 Rogue Trader Pirates/Adventurers
40/50mm base models or Cavalry, bikes, etc. = 2 points
2 Call of Cthulhu Cthonians
1 Tyranid Warrior
6 Velociraptors
Reaper 6 armed snake demon
Monstrous Creature or Dreadnought = 5 points
3 Dinosaurs
Forge World Primarch Lorgar
Reaper Bones Jabberwock
Vehicles/Chariots = 10 points
Forge World exalted Great Unclean one
I’ve also done a few terrain pieces I’ve not included yet.
So, totalling up:
20/25mm base models (Infantry) 60 points
40/50mm base models or Cavalry, bikes, etc. 18 points
Monstrous Creature or Dreadnought = 25 points
Vehicles/Chariots  10 points
Total = 108 points
Ah crap… I’ve gotta find a wodge of cash for myself now 🙂
In other news, we’ve been working on more of the modified background for Fantasy, and a Solar System setting for 40k, as well as a complete rule set project (Currently for 1/300-6mm-epic only).. Further info should not be too long in coming (By the usual standard of my blog 🙂 )
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Under the brush, episode (i’ve no idea)

Nothing much to see here, still on a postgathering comedown, and haven’t had much time for painting in the last few weeks. Still, heres some pics of what has come out recently


Empire fanatics: I’ve got a large block left to paint up, but these have been polished off now so I can use them in a mordheim type scenario I’m planning


RT Era Imperial army troopers


Forge world event navigator and Solomon Lok inquistor models.

Truth be told, I found the navigator to be quite a pain in the rear, due to the sheer plethora of details on him. The Inquisitor in the other hand had a fairly nice balance of detail.

Sometime I think some sculptors/companies should stop and think for a moment. Just because they can do a thing, doesn’t mean they should. (I’m looking at you, Nagash: The End Times)


Gobboes from Gamezone L-R: Rude gobboes, Gobboe fanatic, Sir Gobboe

I love the way these little guys have come out. Initially, I’d ended up with a very flat dull green on the skin.However, a glaze of yellow ink made them POP and added just a level of vibrancy that I’m planning to do the same for all my gobboes.

That said, I’ love the minis themselves – I ordered the rude gobbes purely because Iw ant some fun in my armies, and they hit the nail on the head. The Fanatic is the first of several I’m planning to order as he’s mean enough to look threatening, without the overlong chains on the current gw plastics. Sir Gobboe was  again for the giggles, especially when facing Heathers Brettonians 🙂


I’m going to close on a bit of an observation – I’ve recently been paiting a mix of resin, plastic and metal models, yet finding the metal ones are, to me, more fun to paint. Not sure why,






Under the brush This week

Rolling off the painting desk this week, we have:

warrior priest

Forge world 2013 event only Warrior Priest

I’m rather happy with how his face (eventually) turned out. He’s got quite an intense stare going on.



Hasslefree’s Andrea, with added rifle strap

Oddly, I’m not 100% happy with how her eyes came out. She’s by Kev White, same sculptor of the I-kore mini I reviewed a while back. I’m wondering if how Kev sculpts his female faces and my painting style don’t go to well together. That said, having a look at her green shows a lot more detail than is on the metal model itself. Part of the problem with metal casting I imagine. HF now sell a resin version of her which I suspect will show off the detail a lot better.


van saar

Van Saar Necromunda gang repaint test scheme model

Nothing much here, I’m repainting my Van-Saar gang for Necromunda. the colour scheme has been inspired by the Fedaykin from Arakis, Dark Grey with Red.


Almost look like van-Saar with the stillsuits… Wonder where the mini designers got the idea from 🙂


Hmm.. Wonder if we could wangle this as a new hired gun for Necromunda?


….*Ahem* Anyhow….

….. Moving on….

2 more gibblies for the growing 'nid Swarm. I couldn't help but label them "Pinky & the Brain" while setting up the pic

2 more gribblies for the growing ‘nid Swarm. I couldn’t help but label them “Pinky & the Brain” while setting up the pic


I’ve also recently brought a wodge of laser-cut buildings, some for 40k/rogue trader, some for Mordheim. First one has been assembled, and giving a (very) quick paintjob.


Looking at it, I should have added a door handle… ah well…

And, eBay and eBid has been kind to me this week, in a trawl of vintage and Rogue Trader Era models:

RT Pirate

Rogue Trader era Pirate with Melta gun. Back in the day you couldn’t move & fire with these things, and they had a 1″ blast radius

classic rogues

Scragger Luke and Elshender Nightman

These two are from the C04 Thieves range by the Perry twins. I love the animation in the figures.

And, last but by no means least:

RT Orks

Space Orks!

These take me back… Some of the very first minitures I brought we 3 or 4 blisters of Rogue Trader Space orcs, including some of the above. Like an Eejit I binned them all years ago, when I thought I wasn’t getting back into the hobby. There for Rogue Trader gaming anyhow, I’ve also got some more RT era Eldar on the way as well.



Well, that’s it for now folks.





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Under the Brush

Nothing much to see at the moment… Just a few things that have rolled off the painting table over the bank holiday weekend.

Nurgling Swarms

Nurgling Swarms

Plague Toads

Plague Toads

Warrior Priest

Warrior Priest


I’ve also started adding my Rogue trader era miniatures wanted list, starting with the Imperial army Here



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Under the Brush this week

Wow, I’ve actually managed to keep myself to the promise of making this a regular feature *grin*

Anyhow, lots of little bits of progress since last week. I’ve finished off the Word Bearers squad, Chaos Lord and Boris, and more work on various bits.

So, without further ado;

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