Under the brush This week

Rolling off the painting desk this week, we have:

warrior priest

Forge world 2013 event only Warrior Priest

I’m rather happy with how his face (eventually) turned out. He’s got quite an intense stare going on.



Hasslefree’s Andrea, with added rifle strap

Oddly, I’m not 100% happy with how her eyes came out. She’s by Kev White, same sculptor of the I-kore mini I reviewed a while back. I’m wondering if how Kev sculpts his female faces and my painting style don’t go to well together. That said, having a look at her green shows a lot more detail than is on the metal model itself. Part of the problem with metal casting I imagine. HF now sell a resin version of her which I suspect will show off the detail a lot better.


van saar

Van Saar Necromunda gang repaint test scheme model

Nothing much here, I’m repainting my Van-Saar gang for Necromunda. the colour scheme has been inspired by the Fedaykin from Arakis, Dark Grey with Red.


Almost look like van-Saar with the stillsuits… Wonder where the mini designers got the idea from 🙂


Hmm.. Wonder if we could wangle this as a new hired gun for Necromunda?


….*Ahem* Anyhow….

….. Moving on….

2 more gibblies for the growing 'nid Swarm. I couldn't help but label them "Pinky & the Brain" while setting up the pic

2 more gribblies for the growing ‘nid Swarm. I couldn’t help but label them “Pinky & the Brain” while setting up the pic


I’ve also recently brought a wodge of laser-cut buildings, some for 40k/rogue trader, some for Mordheim. First one has been assembled, and giving a (very) quick paintjob.


Looking at it, I should have added a door handle… ah well…

And, eBay and eBid has been kind to me this week, in a trawl of vintage and Rogue Trader Era models:

RT Pirate

Rogue Trader era Pirate with Melta gun. Back in the day you couldn’t move & fire with these things, and they had a 1″ blast radius

classic rogues

Scragger Luke and Elshender Nightman

These two are from the C04 Thieves range by the Perry twins. I love the animation in the figures.

And, last but by no means least:

RT Orks

Space Orks!

These take me back… Some of the very first minitures I brought we 3 or 4 blisters of Rogue Trader Space orcs, including some of the above. Like an Eejit I binned them all years ago, when I thought I wasn’t getting back into the hobby. There for Rogue Trader gaming anyhow, I’ve also got some more RT era Eldar on the way as well.



Well, that’s it for now folks.





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Under the Brush

Nothing much to see at the moment… Just a few things that have rolled off the painting table over the bank holiday weekend.

Nurgling Swarms

Nurgling Swarms

Plague Toads

Plague Toads

Warrior Priest

Warrior Priest


I’ve also started adding my Rogue trader era miniatures wanted list, starting with the Imperial army Here



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Well, unless you’ve been living under a rock (1) your probably aware of the upcoming 7th Edition 40k release.

I’ve read up on it since, just out of curiosity, and there are a fair few that are rage-quitting gaming because of it.
This always puzzles me(2), especially the ones I’ve read that state they have been playing Most of my adult life as they have a sizeable collection of mini’s etc. and have flatly stated that they are not playing 40k or any GW games any more.
But then, reading further I can see they tend to be tournament players. A lot of who (3) seem to get an army for a specific tournament, before selling it and buying a new one.
So, a light dawned.


Unlike myself, and other out there they don’t tend to play with friends, or just for giggles (Heroic last stand type games anyone?) but just to be the ‘best’.

So, instead of just needing to pick up a copy of the new rules there seeing their uber-tweaked tournament list potentially getting ‘nerfed’ (4) and becoming ‘unplayable’ now.

In other words, they can’t rely on the cookie cutter list they have working anymore and may have to… *gasp*…. learn the strengths & weaknesses of army they are using.

This takes time, and effort, and a willingness to lose (5). Something people seem to be missing nowadays.
I’ve also seen the argument about the price of the new rulebook, with people stating that they can pick up a starter set for other manufacturers mini’s for less.
Well yes, you can. But then, who do you play against? If there’s no-one in the club you can get to play it, you may as well have not bothered, and in all honesty, over the years I’ve seen many sci-fi and fantasy wargames briefly surface then sink into nothingness again.

Some of it has been due to the ‘fad’ effect (6). Others it’s been down to the quality of the minis, or the rules as almost without exception, they have tied you to the specific manufacturer’s miniatures.
The current game I’m seeing bounced around a lot at the moment is “X-wing”. Looks nice, even takes advantage of a massively popular setting.

But if the license is pulled? Well, ever tried finding anything from the Babylon 5 starship combat game nowadays?

But price-wise it’s a moot point. If you want something, you’ll save up for it, or build up to it gradually.

An example of this was the other week, when I was running around in my dwarf kit at Fools & Heroes. I worked out that I was wearing (roughly) £700 quids worth of stuff. And that was one character, admittedly some parts were generic and had been recycled through a few characters, but the point is I’d built it up over about 2 years. Not all at once.

I’m currently building kit for a new character I’m starting at Lorien Trust’s Gathering later this year – something I’ve been doing since early last year now. A bit at a time.
This ties back into some of my earlier posts – if you can only afford a few things at a time, play with what you have, you don’t have to use a specific sized force to have fun games. Small, squad level skirmishes can be fun as well (7)

Which, eventually brings me to the point(8) of this post, and it’s one I’ve said before and likely will say again because I’m going to keep screaming it out at people.
Tournaments are not the only way to play. There is no “One True Way [tm]” (9) to play any game.
Screaming about how you won’t play because things have changed will achieve nothing, and just add to the general level of noise (11) on the internet.

Post what you’ve painted/made, games you’ve played, plans you have for things to build, house rules and scenarios. These are what make for interesting reading, and in some cases inspiration (12).
That said, I’m planning on updating with a load of pics soon, of what I’ve been painting recently, and, if I remember to write them down, some scenarios for 40k & fantasy.

In the meantime, I’ve finally got around to uploading the basic houserules we use here for 40k and fantasy:

warhammer house rules.

warhammer 40k house rules.







  1. Yeah, I’d missed the rumours etc. on this, because I don’t follow all the various boards etc. Plus I’ve not done much in the way of painting/gaming for the last few months, what with working myself silly making props for Springfest.
  2. No longer surprises me. Probably because I’m a wee bit jaded about a lot of people that make the most noise on the ‘net
  3. From when I used to dabble with tournaments and reading t’forums etc.
  4. I hate that phrase.
  5. So far my new night gobbo army is at 100% loss rate… But I’ve never failed to have a laugh, and come back “Wiv anuvver cunnin’ plan”… Just to watch it spiral down the u-bend again 
  6. Can’t count how many pirate type games I saw come out around the release of Pirates of the Caribbean. Bit tricky finding them now…
  7. Especially if you waive the ‘Squad coherency’ limits, and the ‘Squad must all fire at same target’ – effectively treat each member as a separate squad.
  8. I think….
  9. Except Bacon(10)
  10. And Grumpycat
  11. Yes, I know I’m effectively doing this…
  12. Case in point – My obliterator conversions, inspired by Big Jim over at Galaxy in Flames.
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The game is what YOU make it.

With the announcement about the major changes to White dwarf recently there has been a lot of noise on the ‘net about why folk won’t play, or why they gave up playing when x version came out etc.

Now, one of the themes that has pushed some of my buttons has been “Why don’t they do xyz with 40k/fantasy/boxed game”.

These and my general observations, suggest to me that there is a lot of the noise out there seem to miss an entire point of gaming, whether it be historical, fantasy, post apocalypse or some sort of niche “hunting war bunnies with rocket launchers” setting.

Once you have brought the game rules then you can do what you want with them. You can house rule them to your heart’s content to play how you want. You can play the scale of games you want, whether it’s small skirmish level scenarios, or monstrous weekend killer grinding attrition nightmares, or even xxx points This list is for xyz tournament and I need to practice with it snore fest[1].

So, the question isn’t “Why doesn’t publisher X do xyz with product Y?” but “Why haven’t you done it with product Y if that’s how you want to play?” Read the rest of this entry »

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And 2014 rolls in..

It’s New Years eve, so what does that mean?

For me, bit of booze and planning for next year.

[edit] Only the booze didn’t happen… I love being really ill 😦

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2013 in retrospect.

So, it’s Xmas eve and I’m looking backwards to see what I’ve done in 2013 hobby wise.

You know, it’s kinda hard to say what I’ve done. I can see plenty of models that have been built & painted, and a lot of terrain[1], more homebrew rules have been tried out and I’ve also recently started working on some new units for the Wood Elves (rather than just bemoan the army book needing an update). I will be posting them online as & when I’m happy with them as well as the rule tweaks and some background information for the city of Kleindorf for WFRP[2]. I’m also looking at using the PC’s exploits to form the core plot of some short stories over on 1monkey1keyboard.
That said, I would need to tweak them a litte to avoid them looking too much like a farce or panto[6].

anyway, I’m going back to shaking the pressies to see if I can’t figure out whats what. It’s a shame that one plastic kit rattles very much like another, and I’ve no hope with DVD’s and books (though I did have 3 books on my list, got one of them for birthday, so I’ve got odds on what the other 2 are)

See you in the new year.

  1. Terrain has been my main focus this year and as always I’ve had far more ideas than I’ve had time or funds to work on.
  2. A lot of this would have been posted recently, had there not been the INCIDENT with my PC[3]
  3. By incident I mean me telling Linux to repartition the whole disk, rather than just the none backup section of the hard drive[4].
  4. Yes, I know. Shutup. I’m getting an external Hard drive soon as my backup CD’s had also stuffed themselves.[5]
  5. Ah well, clean slate & all that.
  6. Yes, the players have been that bad. No I don’t know why. Yes, they do seem to be improving.
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Oldhammer Modern

I’m still missing he point in some ways.

In others I’m hitting it for a home run.

“What? Talk sense man”… I hear you wonder

My last post, regarding Oldhammer and the 3rd edition Fantasy Rules and Rogue trader rules.

rogue_trader_cover-2-small.jpg warhammer_fantasy_battle_3rd Read the rest of this entry »


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