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Great big flappin’ monstrosities…

Flying monsters in Warhammer fantasy…

They don’t really fly do they. By the RAW they take off, move, then land in the same movement. Kinda like giant kangaroo’s.


Benders Game – the Giant War kangaroo’s….

Hardly the magnificent swooping Dragon or attack diving warhawk type of creatures, more of a fat, unfit creature stopping for a sit-down and a quick smoke…..

And yet, in days gone by, flying creatures could actually…. Fly……



I know… shocking isn’t it. It was 6th edition Warhammer that turned flyers into giant lardy doom kangaroo’s.

I’ve been turning the idea over in my mind, and taking inspiration from 3rd edition, bit of 5th edition and the feculant ramblings of my own mind, I’ve come up with some different rules for flyers:


Flying creatures and Units in Warhammer

Flyers now have 4 different levels they can be flying at:

  • Landed                 – On the ground, use their normal M characteristic, treated as ground troops
  • Attack Level       – Flying but low enough to attack and be attacked, can see over liner obstacles – cannot be pinned and can leave combat, but attacking units get a free hack
  • Mid Level            – Flying, but too high to be attacked in melee, Can still rally, cast spells, shoot etc, but range counts as 10” further
  • Flying High          – REALY high, effectively doesn’t take part in the battle but can Dive down to attack level.

Moving between the 4 levels takes 5” of the flyers movement ie: flyers normal movement is 10” flying, taking off from landed to attack level takes 5” leaving another 5” of movement.

Attack level to landed takes 5”, this would usually mean the flyer then has no ground movement left (I.e. Terradon’s have a M of 2” so would not be able to move once landed, whereas a sphinx with a M of 6” would still have a 1” move remaining)

Multiple levels can be covered in one turn with enough movement.

MARCH movements CAN be used to change level (IE a flyer using a march move can go from Landed to Flying high. They would still need a successful LD test if an enemy unit is within the normal limit (see Marching rules)

If flying high, then you can declare a “Diving Charge” on any unit on the field:

Nominate Target unit and place flyer/marker at front of the unit

Roll Both Artillery dice and D6, move the target point and re-adjust as per doom diver firing – Scatter the marker as per the artillery dice, but the charging player can then adjust by up to the D6″

If still in contact with target unit then count as charging from the front with additional D3 impact hits.

If misfire rolled then compare the D6 rolled with the misfire table below

  • 1-2 And gently down. Coming in to a gentle, delicate landing probably isn’t the best idea in a fight. Charger inflicts NO impact hits, and target unit gains Always strikes first as the ‘attacker’ gently comes to rest in front of them
  •  3-4 BIRD! Charging unit hits an unfortunate bird* on the way down, Charging unit takes 1 impact hit to itself. If unit is ridden monster, randomly determine if it is the rider or mount that is hit
  •  5 BIG BIRD! Charging unit hits an unfortunate and LARGE bird* or flock of birds* on the way down, Charging unit takes D3 impact hit to itself with no armour saves allowed.  If unit is ridden monster, randomly determine if it is the rider or mount that is hit
  •  6 Pull up! Pull…Splat! In an amazing demonstration of a power dive with more enthusiasm than brakes the charger plows straight into the ground at full speed. Increase the number of additional impact hits on the target unit to D6 but also inflict the same amount +1 impact hits to charging unit. Additionally, the charger gains ‘Always Strikes Last’ and ‘Stupidity’ to represent their somewhat dazed state

* or other, suitable flying creature

Of course, anyone doing a Diving charge HAS to at least hum this as they do it:

I’m also thinking along the lines of having flyers at the various levels able to attack other flyers on the same level. Maybe with a falling giant type problem if the big ones get knocked out the sky 🙂





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