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Scenery rantings

Today’s post is going to be about a subject that’s recently started to become a bit of a “Soapbox topic” for me.

I'm gonna stand on this an' rant at you all...

I’m gonna stand on this an’ rant at you all…

Terrain and Scenery.

Warning – the below is very pic heavy

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Under the brush This week

Rolling off the painting desk this week, we have:

warrior priest

Forge world 2013 event only Warrior Priest

I’m rather happy with how his face (eventually) turned out. He’s got quite an intense stare going on.



Hasslefree’s Andrea, with added rifle strap

Oddly, I’m not 100% happy with how her eyes came out. She’s by Kev White, same sculptor of the I-kore mini I reviewed a while back. I’m wondering if how Kev sculpts his female faces and my painting style don’t go to well together. That said, having a look at her green shows a lot more detail than is on the metal model itself. Part of the problem with metal casting I imagine. HF now sell a resin version of her which I suspect will show off the detail a lot better.


van saar

Van Saar Necromunda gang repaint test scheme model

Nothing much here, I’m repainting my Van-Saar gang for Necromunda. the colour scheme has been inspired by the Fedaykin from Arakis, Dark Grey with Red.


Almost look like van-Saar with the stillsuits… Wonder where the mini designers got the idea from 🙂


Hmm.. Wonder if we could wangle this as a new hired gun for Necromunda?


….*Ahem* Anyhow….

….. Moving on….

2 more gibblies for the growing 'nid Swarm. I couldn't help but label them "Pinky & the Brain" while setting up the pic

2 more gribblies for the growing ‘nid Swarm. I couldn’t help but label them “Pinky & the Brain” while setting up the pic


I’ve also recently brought a wodge of laser-cut buildings, some for 40k/rogue trader, some for Mordheim. First one has been assembled, and giving a (very) quick paintjob.


Looking at it, I should have added a door handle… ah well…

And, eBay and eBid has been kind to me this week, in a trawl of vintage and Rogue Trader Era models:

RT Pirate

Rogue Trader era Pirate with Melta gun. Back in the day you couldn’t move & fire with these things, and they had a 1″ blast radius

classic rogues

Scragger Luke and Elshender Nightman

These two are from the C04 Thieves range by the Perry twins. I love the animation in the figures.

And, last but by no means least:

RT Orks

Space Orks!

These take me back… Some of the very first minitures I brought we 3 or 4 blisters of Rogue Trader Space orcs, including some of the above. Like an Eejit I binned them all years ago, when I thought I wasn’t getting back into the hobby. There for Rogue Trader gaming anyhow, I’ve also got some more RT era Eldar on the way as well.



Well, that’s it for now folks.





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More Kleindorf pics

Been busy making more scenery for Mordheim/Kleindorf recently… the results are after the cut.


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Watchtower & Work in progress

As mentioned in my previous post,

I was working on the watchtower, from the fortified manor kit & figured I’d post it once done:

Further down there are some Wip shots of the next building I’m working on… Read the rest of this entry »

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Chapel of Sigmar

Nothing much today, just a few pics of the recently finished Chapel of Sigmar terrain piece.

We treated ourselves to the fortified manor set for xmas, but rather than build it as a single piece split it down into its component sections. Read the rest of this entry »

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Home improvements

Yours truly has just spent most of the weekend fiddling around with bits of foamcore, balsa, plastic and card….

After a day or two of on & off planning, I had the plans for a small cottage/farmhouse for WFB

I’ve built a couple of smaller buildings before, but never got round to painting them as I’ve not been entirely happy with them, however this time, I was a lot happier with the woodwork which led to the rest of it.

Have a look below:

Should have it based & painted in a week or so (But don’t hold yer breath)


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Lizard Look-see

Well, so far my Lizardman host is reigning supreme in Warhammer, currently 13-0-0 for win:loss:draw at 1000 points…. *woohoo*

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